Version 4.02.00
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New Features

  • Enter Manual Scores. A new procedure to enable scoring done manually on show day to be entered into the database to take advantage of Tracking-Up's reporting and publishing facilities.
  • The Publish Menu contains processes to publish Show Schedules, Entry Times and Results free on the Trackingup website. Emails giving the same information can be sent to riders with email addresses held in the rider database.
  • Eventing. New procedures to help organise an Eventing show and to create appropriate spreadsheets for control purposes.
  • British Eventing Dressage Tests updated.


  • Improved Horse and Rider maintenance. Improved performance and screens now have a search facility.
  • Riding Club description and other information added to Rider Export
  • British Dressage 2012 amended tests changed.
  • FEI Para Equestrian Grade IV tests split into two separate "standards" 20x40 and 20x60 to make selection easier.
  • In Manage Start Times clicking on the coloured boxes at the top will withdraw an entry or insert a tea or lunch break.
  • The screens for viewing show entries and classes are now re-sizable.
  • Conflict processing screen in Manage Start Times now shows the class identifier.
  • Double clicking on an entry in the Show Entries screen now launches the "Edit Entry Details" screen
  • Insert new Show, data validation improved to prevent the creation of more than 99 classes.
 Tracking-Up! works with all your favourite Dressage and Riding Tests:
R.D.A. and Para-
British Dressage
British Riding Clubs The Pony Club
British Eventing
British Horse Driving Trials Association
Side Saddle Association

 The inclusion of a test in Tracking-Up! implies no right to use. No test may be used without the appropriate authority of the issuing organisation.

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