Version 4.02.01
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New Features
  • Up to five arena names can now be stored in Preferences and selected from a drop down menu.
  • Classes and sections can now be allocated at the same time as an entry is entered into a Show.
  • If a new class is created with a default section of Q then (Q) will be added to the end of the class description. If a change is made to a class's details and the default section is Q then a warning message is displayed to enable the user to change the class description.


  • A new section Q has been added and the default section now propagates down from Preferences through Show and Classes to Entry. So there can be a different default for each Class, but every class entry will have a section.
  • Manage Start times now has a facility to change the font size and the "recheck" process has been speeded up.
  • The Eventing feature introduced in version 4.02 has been withdrawn. The process proved to be too unwieldy for a large event. The Dressage times can still be produced in the usual way and the Eventing format spreadsheets can still be produced ready for the manual insertion of SJ and XC times.
 Tracking-Up! works with all your favourite Dressage and Riding Tests:
R.D.A. and Para-
British Dressage
British Riding Clubs The Pony Club
British Eventing
British Horse Driving Trials Association
Side Saddle Association

 The inclusion of a test in Tracking-Up! implies no right to use. No test may be used without the appropriate authority of the issuing organisation.

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