Version 5.02.00
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New Features

  • Team Quest processing added.


  • The "enter" key can now be used when entering test scores.
  • BD Excel Export Format now contains all the judge scores for classes with multiple judges.
  • Publish Entry Times now indicates the test in a Pick Your Own class.
  • Change to Publish Results to sort by Section
  • Using "Today is Show Day" when selecting a test will now show all the tests chosen in the PYO classes.
  • Changes to various screens to enable resizing (eg Entry Insert)
  • The Print Results Worksheet now includes any known results but not rankings.
  • The font size in the Manage Start Times tables can now be quickly changed by pressing a combination of Ctrl, +, - and 0 keys
  • The test scoring form now shows the total entries in the show class and the number scored.
  • Changes to the helpfile and forms to make it clear how to remove an entry.
  • Changes to the annual renewal process
  • Eliminated, retired and withdrawn entries can now be flagged whilst scoring
  • Pony Club tests updated
 Tracking-Up! works with all your favourite Dressage and Riding Tests:
R.D.A. and Para-
British Dressage
British Riding Clubs The Pony Club
British Eventing
British Horse Driving Trials Association
Side Saddle Association

 The inclusion of a test in Tracking-Up! implies no right to use. No test may be used without the appropriate authority of the issuing organisation.

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