Version 6.00.03
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New Features

  • Import rider name and British Dressage number from an XLS spreadsheet


  • New British Dressage 2017 tests added: Preliminary 17A and Novice 37A.
  • New FEI 2017 tests added: Team Competition Young Riders, Preliminary Competition Young Riders, Individual Competition Test Young Riders, Grand Prix Special, Grand Prix, Intermediate B, Intermediate II, Intermediate A, Intermediate I, Prix St Georges, Individual Competition Test Juniors, Team Competition Test Juniors, Preliminary Competition Test Juniors.
  • The helpfile now only stored as a PDF file.
 Tracking-Up! works with all your favourite Dressage and Riding Tests:
R.D.A. and Para-
British Dressage
British Riding Clubs The Pony Club
British Eventing
British Horse Driving Trials Association
Side Saddle Association

 The inclusion of a test in Tracking-Up! implies no right to use. No test may be used without the appropriate authority of the issuing organisation.

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