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Organises your Show Day
Handles multi-day shows with many arenas
Calculates Start Times
Selects Riders, Horses and Judges from a database
Allocates Bridle Numbers
Handles multiple judge scoring
Adds up individual test scores, validates and calculates percentages
Prints out full results sheets in correct order
Displays sponsors' names
Exports in many formats including ones suitable for British Dressage
Imports your own rider and horse data
Publishes entry times, results and future shows on this website
Collects contact information ready to be exported into a mailing list
 Tracking-Up! works with all your favourite Dressage and Riding Tests:
R.D.A. and Para-
British Dressage
British Riding Clubs The Pony Club
British Eventing
British Horse Driving Trials Association
Side Saddle Association

 The inclusion of a test in Tracking-Up! implies no right to use. No test may be used without the appropriate authority of the issuing organisation.

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